The control cabinet contains the control unit of the heating system.
A program developed by us is carried out to ensure optimal control of the heating elements. The program controls the heating elements and thus ensures optimal control of the heating and electrical values.

Through the special control of the heating elements and the minimization of losses due to water resistance, the molecules in the water are excited and caused to vibrate. This excitement causes the water to heat up quickly in a very short period of time.

The control cabinet maintains the stored control parameters, even in the event of a brown out. In this case, optimal water heating is not interrupted.
The heating system can be operated safely at all times. The system switches off automatically in the event of a short circuit. If the short circuit is outside the heating system, the system automatically switches on again after the short circuit has been eliminated.

The elimination of a short circuit within the heating system must be carried out by a qualified electrical specialist.


The descaler is a separate electrically operated unit that can be connected to any water circuit.

The unit consists of a power supply in a closed system through which water passes. In the inner system, calcium carbonates are absorbers that stimulate the water with a specific signal.

When excited, calcium carbonate crystals are crushed and at the same time attracted to the absorption elements.

The crushed calcium carbonate crystals themselves then stick to the absorbers.

The electrical consumption of the descaler decreases parallel to decalcification, for example from 100 watts (calcified water) to 10 watts (decalcified water).